A Year Later…

One year ago today, we rendezvoused with our Fantasy Caravan to begin a journey that would take us 6,000 miles through some of the most beautiful scenery this wonderful continent has to offer. When all was said and done, that journey took us through 3 states and 3 Canadian provinces with the ultimate destination of Alaska always on the forefront of our minds. It’s hard to believe a year has come and gone and for the last few weeks I’ve been a little sad anticipating this anniversary knowing that we weren’t heading there again this year.

Alaska was all that and more for me and there are not enough superlatives to describe it. When asked what was my favorite place or thing about the 49th state, I can only respond with “I could never pick, there is way too many!” From the jaw dropping beauty of the mountains to the glacial blue waters of the coasts – stunning. From the vast lands of tundra to the “Dr. Seussian” looking black spruce trees – otherworldly. From the sound of a grizzly enjoying his fresh catch of salmon to the call of an eagle – incredible. From the calving of a glacier into a bay to Denali obscured by its clouds – awe inspiring. Even the roads were a uniquely Alaskan experience because they were just so bad! I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.

While Art says he doesn’t need to go back as he was happy with this once in a lifetime experience, I’m greedier. I not only want to go back, I must go back. Fortunately, I have a partner in crime in my sister who feels the same way. So someday, somehow, we will make the trek back to enjoy more adventure in the Great White North and maybe, just maybe, we will coerce Art to join us as long as he doesn’t have to drive!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures that I didn’t post in my original writings.  Hope you enjoy!

Polychrome Mountains as seen from Denali tundra tour
Views of the Chugach Range along the Richardson Highway
Roadside wildflowers near Seward
Looking out at Kachemak Bay from campsite on Homer Spit
Close up portion of the Meares Glacier – look at those colors!
Beautiful mountain views along Richardson Highway
Vast tundra as seen from Arctic Circle tour on Dalton Highway
The black spruce…acres upon acres upon acres

And to cap it all off on our last night in Alaska, we had a close up encounter with this magnificent creature – it was a fine way to say goodbye!

Close up to a grizzly at the Fish Creek Bridge Observation site in Hyder!




4 thoughts on “A Year Later…

  1. Thanks for sharing some excellent photographs of my former state.
    In case your interested the photo captioned, “Vast tundra as seen from Arctic Circle tour on Dalton Highway” was shot at the ‘Finger rock’ or ‘Finger Mountain’ wayside. The actual Arctic circle is still a number of miles further North.


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