The Itch

It has been 3 months since we arrived home from our 4 month 13,046 mile epic adventure to Alaska. While it was such a wonderful experience, with beauty so incredible that we think about it daily, when we pulled into our driveway that Saturday in October we heaved a huge sigh of relief to be “home”.

The word “home” means different things to each person. Many in our caravan were full time RVers that love the freedom of the open road and have exchanged the confines of living in one dot on the map to exploring them all. Surely there is an allure to that – the open road is so beckoning – the urge to see what is around the next bend so enticing. But for Art and I (at least at this point in our lives), “home” is this address in North Carolina where we have lived for 25 plus years. It is where our children were raised, where our lives are contemplated rocking on the front porch, where family and friends are entertained and ultimately, where we find our most comfort. But…we still get the itch!

Defined by Merriam Webster as “a restless desire or hankering for something” our itch to travel begins shortly after the whirlwind of the Christmas season is behind us and the winter chill of January has set in (and baby, it is cold this year!). Maps are pulled out, plans begin to formulate, “I want to see…” punctuates our discussions and the next adventure takes shape. This folks, is exciting stuff! And though we are still in the early stages of our planning for 2018 there are two things we already know. One, wherever the road takes us we will find adventure and two, when we return “home” we will be ready.



3 thoughts on “The Itch

  1. I can really relate to this post! Like you, we are not full timers but have enjoyed many RV adventures in the last 12 years. I know what you mean about the itch. We have a February trip planned and I’m counting the days! However, wherever we go, I am always happy when we see that “Welcome to Georgia” sign on our way home!


  2. The RV has given us the best of both worlds – we feel very blessed! Alaska, will never leave me and I really hope for the opportunity to see it again though it’s doubtful it would be in the RV. Art had enough with those roads in the motor home!! Safe journeys in February – look forward to reading about your adventure!


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