About Us


In 2015, knowing that Art would be retiring within the next year, we pulled the trigger on our dream to purchase a motorhome.  The hope being that this would allow us to spend time with our son and his family in Seattle every summer and enjoy the sights that mark the distance between us.  As an additional benefit, we also plan on becoming “snowbirds” and heading to warmer climates when January isn’t quite thawing quickly enough.

After a year of owning our RV and making the updates to it that brought it into line with our tastes, we are about to begin our adventuring!  The open road awaits and we are heeding its call.  Hope you enjoy the journey with us!

**UPDATE 2017**

With 2016 in the books and our inaugural trip successfully behind us we are eagerly anticipating this summer’s Alaska experience.  It promises to be a grand one so stay tuned to ride along!