Learning about heroes in Kansas City

Our next layover was a 2 night stay just east of Kansas City, MO. The drive there was just shy of 200 miles so we arrived at the campground in the early afternoon. Since we had more time than usual to laze about, we took advantage of the campground’s pool to cool off from the near 100 degree heat. This was, of course, a joke as the water temperature was probably not much cooler. In fact, the cooling effect was limited to the immediate 5 minutes you stepped out of the water and that was provided you found a place in the shade to sit. Ah, summer!

The touristy portion of our stay in Kansas City was to visit the National WWI War Museum and Memorial. Located on a lovely, well-manicured plot of land on Kansas City’s south side, this is a place not to be missed if you visit this area. The museum originally opened in 1926 after Kansas City leaders desired to memorialize the service of the men and women who served in that Great War. In 2004, it received the designation of Congress to be the country’s official WWI museum due mostly in part to the fact that it houses the largest collection of artifacts from that war. Sadly, the three of us remembered very little about our world history going into this museum. Hopefully, the wealth of fascinating information we gleaned here will stay with us awhile!

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