Corn, Corn and More Corn

Do you see the difference in the three pictures below?

If not don’t feel bad, neither did we. Essentially, this was our view on the road today. Each of these pictures was taken in a different state – Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska. I know, I know you are saying “Well, gosh Candy, you were traveling through the corn belt, what did you expect”, and you’re right I did know. But to see the acres and acres and miles and miles of cornfields is an incredible thing. It begs the question, what do we do with all this corn? If you are interested in knowing, check out this website (it is a short and interesting read). I can’t resist ending this post without a “corny” joke: How much does a pirate pay for corn? A buccaneer! Ba-da-bing, Ba-da-boom!

We will be in Nebraska for the next 3 nights and if you think that blog post will make for good bedtime reading, you just might be surprised!


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