Day 2: Rolling Down the River

On the road by 9:30, we continued to set our sights westward. Quickly out of WV, most of our travel today was through the Bluegrass State of Kentucky.

While we did not see any bluegrass from the highway, we enjoyed views of forested rolling hills, farmland and limestone cliff faces. An interesting side note about Kentucky’s limestone is its role in the craft of bourbon making. Maker’s Mark, one of Art’s favorite bourbons, explains it well on its website.

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Skirting Lexington, we saw no thoroughbred horse farms as I suppose these wonderful horses prefer to graze their bluegrass far from the noise of an interstate highway! Our route, however, did take us through Louisville which sits along the widest point of the Ohio River and is Kentucky’s largest city. While road construction marred the views of the downtown, I was able to capture a couple of pictures of the many bridges that punctuate this city.

Louisville is home to the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Louisville Slugger bats. For you boxing fans, it is both the birthplace and final resting place of Muhammad Ali.

Once Louisville is in your rear view mirror you are in Indiana and 30 miles down the road is the small town of Leavenworth. That’s where we pulled over for the day. The road into our campground was a bit dicey as it narrowly wound its way down to the banks of the Ohio River, but we made no wrong turns today and set-up quickly! It was very hot today so we spent the late afternoon sitting in the shade, drinking cold beverages and watching barge traffic on the river. Barges, once used heavily for the transport of goods, lost traction with the advent of the railroad system. Today they are used primarily for hauling low value items or very large bulky ones. For instance, Art saw one carrying a huge crane stating that the barge had to have been “a football field long”. Outdated or not, they were interesting  to watch.


The night ended with a rousing game of Rummikub between Caryn and me. Not remembering exactly how to play or the rules in scoring, we were in hysterics at our astronomically high scores. We think we figured out where we went wrong and will try again tomorrow.

All-in-all, another great day!


3 thoughts on “Day 2: Rolling Down the River

  1. Happy to see that the first 2 days have been very positive! Experiencing this adventure through both your camera and your comments is a real treat for us, and we look forward to each update.


  2. Thank you for sharing your Blog. I enjoyed both your pictures and well written commentary. I look forward to more. Having gone into hysterics with Caryn on occasion, I know how fun that can be!


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