Day One: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

With the first day of our journey behind us, I think we both can say we learned a few lessons. But, before I regale you with the bad and the ugly, let me say that overall, it was a great day!

We woke up to overcast skies which kept the temperature for the first half of the day cool and mild. This allowed us to drive without the AC and just enjoy the breeze as it blew through the cab. The scenery was lovely as we traversed through the three states of NC, VA and WV. With the topography hilly and then mountainous, our non-diesel RV was put through its paces and handled herself with “I think I can” spirit. We chugged along nicely and Art was very pleased! Of course, the mountain passes we will be crossing out west will be twice the height.

Continuing with the good, the walkie-talkies we purchased to communicate with my sister Caryn who is caravanning with us worked like a charm! We were able to converse easily as we enjoyed the sights along the way – “over and out” – “roger that”! Sadie, our 11 year old dog, also did better than expected. She still wouldn’t fall asleep for the ride, but laid quietly beside our two chairs with occasional glances out the front window.

Now I’ll mention the bad. When I was hooking up the braking system in our towed, I forgot to turn off the AC and with the ignition needing to be in accessory to tow, this ran the fan all day. Well, long story short, this put a drain on the Kia’s battery and it went kaput! The GOOD thing however, was that we were at the end of our day and Art, prepared to the max, carries a battery charger and so we are back at 100% for tomorrow. Lesson #1 learned.

The ugly… Let me just say you do not want to make a wrong turn as you are entering a campground. On our approach into the KOA in Huntington, WV, we turned down the wrong road and ended at a dead-end. This, of course, required us to back up. Well, you can’t back with your towed attached, so that had to come off. You also can’t do a K-turn on a narrow road in a 37’ RV without a little “off the road” encroachment. Unfortunately for us, that encroachment meant our back tires sank into wet grass and mud. Try as he might, Art was not able to pull us out so a wrecker had to be called to give us the boost we needed. But, even in the ugly there was GOOD. IMG_2498A big shout out to the KOA staff who were more than helpful in their response to our predicament and willingness to help. A double shout out to the Milton WV Wrecker Co. who had us “unstuck” within 40 minutes of our phone call. And, kudos to Art, who though a bit embarrassed, remained unflappable and can even laugh (just a little) about it! Lesson #2 learned.

Can you not wait to hear what happens tomorrow?

Over & out…
Roger that…




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