Roads were made for journeys

Roads were made for journeys not destinations. Confucius

My typical blog post usually highlights a destination that we have traveled to see. This post is veering from the norm in that I am writing about the road that led us to the next stop on our itinerary.

We are spending 3 nights in Moab, UT to enjoy time in Arches NP and Canyonlands NP. To get to Moab we were traveling from our layover in Salt Lake City. The apps we used to route our trip chose the shortest route (logical) and would take us off the interstate for most of the drive. Now, typically, we are all for getting off the main drag but out in these parts road grade and elevations are a big consideration for us. Our gas engine is a wee bit (okay, a lot) underpowered for elevation changes and this trip had a 3000 foot gain to a summit of 7886!

With this in mind, Art poured over our route and decided we would take the interstate for most of the way which added about 65 miles to the trip. It also did not take away the grade because one still has to get over the Wasatch! However, the logic was if we were going to have any problems we’d rather have them on a highway instead of a two lane road in the middle of nowhere!

So, about this interstate route we decided to take. I-70 through this portion of Utah rises over the Wasatch Plateau and the San Rafael Swell and includes a stretch of 100 miles with no services. Now I am not a scholar about geography but what I do know is that this was one of the most scenic rides you will ever encounter on the interstate highway system. Canyons and rock formations of varying colors were a feast for the eyes even on a gray and dreary day. As I oohed and aahed, poor Art huffed and puffed as our speed steadily dropped while we made our way up, up, and up again! I’m happy to report that we did not start rolling backwards and that we made it safe and sound to our destination! And, in my next post, I will return to the norm and regale you about this special place. But, I just could not fail to give a nod to this great stretch of road and to encourage any one visiting these parts to take the long way – it’s well worth the time!!

Views along I-70 DSC_0019Views along I-70 DSC_0024Views along I-70 DSC_0030Views along I-70 DSC_0033Views along I-70 DSC_0014Views along I-70 DSC_0041Views along I-70 DSC_0071Views along I-70 DSC_0064Views along I-70 DSC_0061Views along I-70 DSC_0047


7 thoughts on “Roads were made for journeys

  1. I think it’s great that you Could ohh and ahhh while Art huffed and puffed!! Might not work as well with mark and I. Ha ha.


  2. Awesome photos. We love taking the long way. Hopefully Art got a nice massage after all that uphill pushing. What kind of RV are you in? We’re set to buy in a year so I’m taking notes every chance I get. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment! We love the ability to see new places and the RV has been a lovely way to do just that. I’m sure you are excited to get started. Ours is a 2005 Thor Windsport motorhome. The space works great for us but it is gas powered and a bit wimpy going up steep grades. If we were to ever buy another one, Art would definitely go diesel!

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