Nothing ventured, nothing gained


As most of you know last year was our inaugural trip in the RV and as newbies I still had not learned to drive our rig. So, Art in our rig and Caryn in hers drove cross country and back while I rode comfortably in the passenger seat, feet up, snapping pictures out the window. My viewNow to my credit, I did all the driving on our side trip excursions and most of the driving in Seattle, so I wasn’t exactly a slacker. And, every trip needs a historian, so the picture taking was an integral part of our journey. (I do, by the way, appreciate the irony that without the drivers there would have been no trip to photograph, but…I digress.)

Well, with our enormous adventure ahead of us and nearly 12,000 miles to contemplate, I thought it might be time to learn how to drive this “beast” and yesterday was the day! Without keeping you in suspense, the fact that I am writing this proves that not only did I not kill Art and myself, but almost as critical, Art did not kill me as he directed my driving!

The first step was to tool around the local Moose Lodge parking lot to get myself familiar with the feel of navigating a vehicle this large. Once secure that I was at least able to stop this thing… WE. LEFT. THE. PARKING. LOT!  I reminded myself numerous times that lots of people do this and manage just fine so I should be able to also. I did find turning to be quite a challenge. I liken it to learning how to color – if you stay in the lines you have a nice picture if, however, you stray out of the lines you have a hot mess! Now, to be honest, I didn’t color in the lines as much as I would have hoped, but no tree lost a limb, no stop sign was mown over, no bicyclist riding on MY side of the road was pushed into the gutter and the workmen in the middle of the roundabout I had to negotiate still are able to work today. Kuddos for me, right?!

Next, Art wanted me to head out on the highway (though I wasn’t born to be wild) assuring me that this would actually be easier than staying on the narrow country roads that surround our area. So, feeling a bit buoyant that I had made it this far without incident I obeyed.  AND, he was right! I stayed in the right lane, I easily kept it in the center of that lane and I discovered that I could drive confidently aware of things around me without the aid of a rear view mirror! After driving about 30 miles down the road, I relinquished control to Art to get us home and back up the driveway – that is a lesson for another day!

While I will always prefer my role as historian and chief photographer, I feel that it was a successful start in my journey to allow Art the luxury of sitting comfortably in the passenger seat and soaking in the beauty of the road. (Doubt he’ll take any pictures, though.)



2 thoughts on “Nothing ventured, nothing gained

  1. Nice work Candy. I love your love o adventure. Have a fantastic trip and keep us up to date.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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