Do you know the way to “Santa Fe”?

We have driven in three states today to arrive in Santa Fe, NM for our 4 night, 3 day stay. Up early to beat the heat forecast for Texas, we made the border of New Mexico by 10:45. This was our longest driving day at 440 miles and was supposed to be a day that Caryn and I helped Art with the driving. Unfortunately with the strong winds forecast, that was a “no go” for newbie me and also for Caryn who hasn’t driven our RV yet. Secretly, Art probably prefers it that way so it might not be until Alaska where he finally says, “I need a break!”

In our journey today we left Foss, OK at an elevation of 1,640′ and are camping in Santa Fe, NM at an elevation of 7,198′! We read that it is important to stay hydrated to prevent any issues with altitude sickness so, some of us (not mentioning names) have been doing as told! Don’t want anything interfering with the fun planned here!

Speaking of that fun, the plan is to visit Kasha Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument and Albuquerque tomorrow, Taos the next day (this should be a great taco Tuesday!) and the last day will be spent celebrating Caryn’s 70th in Santa Fe!

Here are the views from the road today. Stay tuned for more as we explore this Land of Enchantment.

Oklahoma sunrise

Texas power poles vintage spring

Texas better days vintage spring

Texas wind farm


New Mexico from the road

New Mexico from the road 3

New Mexico from the road 2

Cholla cactus flower


3 thoughts on “Do you know the way to “Santa Fe”?

  1. Kasha-Katuwe is one of my favorites. During our stay in Santa Fe and Cochiti Lake last August, I hiked Kasha on four different occasions. So many things to see and do in the Santa Fe area and never enough time!


    1. It was your post on Kasha that made me aware this place even existed. When I knew we were traveling through this area it was high on the list of must sees! Did it today and it was spectacular! Have to admit did not make it all the way to top (out of shape that we are) but made it through the slot canyon and the cave loop trail!

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      1. We didn’t make it all the way the first go around either. I was fortunate to have spent a couple of weeks in the area bouncing back and forth between Santa Fe and Cochiti Lake CG which gave me plenty of time to leisurely explore.

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