Seattle Week 2

Rain, popcorn, the movies…

When your day greets you with a cool rainy forecast (60 degrees for a high, in AUGUST?), what better way to spend it then at the movies? That was our opinion anyway, so on Monday afternoon we headed for the matinee showing of the new Bourne movie. With popcorn in one hand and a drink in the other, we took our seats and spent the next 2 hours watching high speed car chases and crooked CIA agents plotting to nab Jason Bourne once and for all. Amazingly, through it all, Jason lived to see another day and most likely another movie! Though not as good as the previous films in this franchise, it offered an afternoon of escapism. Following the movie, we headed home for dinner and a bit of the Olympics before calling it a day. Though a quiet one, it was nice to just chill ~

Grandkids, picnics, sleepovers…

Two days this week we watched the grands while mom and dad worked. This allowed us to enjoy some of the finer things in life like picnics at the local park, picking out just the right walking stick for the long hikes on the trails, trying to catch fish with a stick at the pond and settling in for an evening with the Lion King (Hakuna matata!). Our granddaughter, who will be 6 next month, has claimed the ½ bath as hers as well as Art’s side of the bed. I think she likes the RV life! Our grandson who is 5 months old could care less where he spends his day as long as his tummy is full. Happy anywhere, he is just along for the ride!

Ferry rides, city views, lunch…

On Wednesday, Art thought the day called for a ferry ride across the sound for lunch. So up and out by 9:30, we drove into Seattle for the 10:40 ferry to Bainbridge Island. Though a short ride of only 35 minutes, this route allows for expansive views of the city as you pull away from the dock. The Seattle skyline, anchored by the Space Needle to the north and Centurylink & Safeco Fields to the south (home to Seattle’s beloved Seahawks & Mariners), is a sight to see and we snapped several pictures to capture it.


Once our view of her diminished, we made our way to the front of the ferry to enjoy the sight of Bainbridge’s marina.

After disembarking we took a short drive northwest to the town of Poulsbo, our designated lunch stop for the day. Nicknamed “Little Norway”, this quaint town settled by the Scandinavians in the late 1800’s sits on Liberty Bay. The main street through town mimics a Norwegian village with shops, restaurants and art galleries sporting Scandinavian architecture.

We ate our lunch at a restaurant with outdoor seating overlooking the town’s marina.


Funnily enough, Art and I visited this same spot with his family when we were all here for our son’s wedding 11 years ago!

After lunch, we drove on to Kingston to ferry back to Edmonds, a town just north of Seattle and closer to our RV park. This crossing was also very short and uneventful and concluded our day quite nicely.

Hikes, river wading, cookout…

Friday, with our granddaughter in tow, we headed to Snoqualmie Falls a 268’ waterfall located approximately 25 miles outside of Seattle.


While the visitor center sits at the top of the falls and offers scenic overlooks and trails down to the river we cheated and parked at a fairly new and little known parking area that put us just steps from the river access and lower falls vantage point. Carrying our lunches, we navigated the rocks down to the river bank. Finding a nice flat rock in the shade (perfect for a picnic) we claimed our spot and delighted in watching our granddaughter romp in the chilly waters of the river.




It was a lovely way to pass a few hours. Interestingly enough, Puget Sound Energy actually operates a hydroelectric plant at these falls which produces a small portion of its saleable electricity.

That evening, back at the RV, we enjoyed a proper cookout with the kids with burgers, dogs, corn on the cob, kale salad (from their garden) and watermelon. A nice ending to our day and our second week in these parts!


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